6 Websites for 6 Hairdressers Who Dare 

 June 12, 2019

By  YJ

Get A Website to show Beautiful hair by stylist who dare

We know you are a great hairdresser. 
Your creations are to die for!
.      Stop missing customers by being offline.  Our website design service will showcase all your creations, show customers you are serious about your business, by allowing them to chat with you on your website, book appointments online with and buy things from your online store.  Check out our demo site for one of our new clients.  As a bonus we will also link it to your Facebook business page, so that what you sell on your site will automatically show on your page as you update it on your website.  This amazing offer is only for 6 hairdressers. They will get a website deal with portfolio, booking and store and linking to a Facebook page at £250. Claim it now by subscribing here.



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