Part 2 Build And Launch A Website Using HTML Template - Logo and Menus

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About this course

You will begin to add your own touch to the website by adding your own logo and menu items by changing sections of the code.

Course Structure

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Copy Template Code To Begin To Create Your Own Website

You will learn how to copy the code you need from the template to your own website page. This has to be done before you can start customising the page to reflect your own look and feel.

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Exploring And Understanding The Different Parts Of The Template Code

Once the template code has been copied you will need to know what each part of the template represents. This lesson will walk you through recognising the different key areas of a website in the template code.

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Add Your Own Logo By Changing The Code

It now time to learn how to add your own logo step by step.

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Change The Main Menu Items

The main menu is very important as it helps users of your website to move to the key pages. This lesson will teach you step by step how to change the menus to list the main pages of your website.

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Change The Mobile Menu Items To Match

The website template is responsive, which means it will adjust when it detects that it is being view on a mobile device. When it adjusts the mobile menu will show. This lesson will show you how to find the mobile menu code and change the code so that the menu will match the full website main menu.

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