Part 1 Build and Launch A Website Using HTML Template - Website Toolkit

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About this course

You will begin to prepare all you need to build your website. You will put together a Website Toolkit containing all you need for the lessons coming.

Course Structure

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Lesson 1 The Why And What Of The Website Tool Kit

Before embarking on any project it is a good idea to get all the things you need in one place. This lecture is about why you need a website tool kit and how to go about putting it together.

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Lesson 2 Add A Logo And Images To Your Took Kit

Here you will have a sneak preview of the template. As you preview the template you will learn about the other assets you need such as your logo and some images you need to collect.

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Lesson 3 Select Social Media Icons And Font Awesome Icons

Here you will decide what social media icons you want to use and where to get Font Awesome icons.

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Lesson 4 Decisions To Be Made

This lecture is about trying to form a clear idea of what you want your website to look like in comparison to the original look and feel of the template. This will then help you make decisions regarding what other assets you need to collect for your Website Tool Kit.

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Lesson 5 Setup Your Folders

When you are creating a website it it a good idea to have all the files and folders related to the website in one place. This lesson walks you through creating a folder for your website.

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Lesson 6 Get A HTML Editor

Your preparation is almost done. You need to get a HTML editor and this lecture shows you how and where.

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