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 May 13, 2019

By  icto

My favourite tool of the week is Canva.

logo for canva
Canva logo

I am one of those graphically challenged people. Left to my own devices i have not got a clue how to put together a good image statement.

Since i discovered Canva I am now putting together image cards, mini posters and social media graphic statements like a pro.

What i like best about Canva, is how easy it is to use, to do this.

Recently Canva, like so many companies, has experienced a cyber breach. So if you are a fan of Canva like me, it’s time to go and change your password, log out of any devices where you may have been using Canva and check up on your security.

If you have been using it from your Gmail account or Facebook account you may want to change those passwords as well and force any devices you may be logged into to log out and request the new passwords.

I know these challenges are annoying, but this tool which provides a free easy approach to making awesome graphics for Instagram, Facebook, Blogs and more is great.

I am hoping they effectively plug the holes and strengthen their security.

In the meantime you should do the same and try them out using strong passwords and careful sign in.


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